For The Athlete That Is Ready to Go Beyond Just Focusing on Training to Diving Deeper Into Strategies Designed Specifically For Your Health AND Performance.

Discover Strategies That Are Based On YOUR Unique Physiology and Take Your Performance To A Whole Different Level

If you’ve experienced missing your goal, PR, podium by JUST a few minutes or seconds and you know that something isn’t quite right with your nutrition and health markers, then you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated and need to get this “all figured out”.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the “bonk” or the low energy state, or maybe just watched your times get longer and longer as your qualification or goal time starts getting further and further away.

If this is you, then chances are you may have also experienced symptoms from not eating enough food day to day, increased soreness post workouts that doesn’t go away for multiple days, perhaps a pain or a niggle that just doesn’t seem to go away, or maybe even GI distress or symptoms on race day.   

Maybe you’ve walked into your doctor’s office listing a few symptoms like: “fatigue that just isn’t normal”, or “I think my hormones are off”, or “something isn’t right with my gut” and you were written off as “it’s because you workout a lot”.

And if you’ve experienced any number of these scenarios, then you also may have fallen into the “trap” of thinking that to get more results you have to keep training harder, sacrifice sleep, and maybe even switch coaches, get new equipment and just overall DO MORE.

Perhaps you’ve also tried ALL the different fueling products or are thinking you need to be super strict with your nutrition (OR the opposite and eat even more foods that are actually causing inflammation), but the truth is… The real culprit is this approach doesn’t take into account who YOU are and your specific needs – your genetics, your physiology, your lifestyle and your training.

In order for you to be successful and perform symptom free, you need the support and answers to how to put together nutrition, fueling, hydration and health strategies that are based on your unique physiology – not what a coach or friend or someone else “thinks you need”.

What will happen if you continue to “wing it on race day”?

Have You experienced…


GI distress on course?


Bonking or cramping?


DNF’s due to fueling or hydration issues?


Low energy and pace drops throughout the event, especially towards the end?


Trying new foods/gels/fuels on race day or race weekend?


Spent time in the bathroom at each aid station?


Menstruating Women: have you noticed “flat” low energy workouts right before your periods?


Post Menopause Women: have you noticed a general decrease in power and speed after menopause?

Athletes tend to have strategies for their race pace and times, but often struggle with their nutrition strategies and if that’s you, this course is going to help you be confident in your nutrition so that you can focus on your training and performance.


If you’ve spent all year training and if you have your race strategy all locked in then in this course we are going to make sure your nutrition/fueling and hydration strategies are on point specifically for you.

The Fit and Healthy Elite Athlete Method & Online Course Isn’t a “Nutrition” Course Like All the Others You may have taken

It’s a self guided deep dive into your habits,

routines, health markers and more that will change you…


From overtrained, under-fueled to a

Confident and Powerful Athlete.

You’ll discover how to test and choose fuel, hydration, nutrition strategies that work with your physiology and how to tune out all the other noise.

You’ll get options for which labs would be the most helpful, when to supplement, and what supplements might be a good fit for you (no more guessing and “trying” things that you aren’t sure are working).

You’re put on a path to get results – instead of listening to more podcasts and trying to apply strategies that you hear from friends and pros that aren’t designed for you.

It turns everything you think you know about health, nutrition, hydration and fueling on its head.

It turns everything you think you know about health, nutrition, hydration and fueling on its head.



Learn with

Dr K

Dr K is an endurance athlete. Just like you. She also combines sports nutrition and fueling with a systems based functional medicine approach for athletes. She earned her Ironman title under extreme conditions at Ironman Coeur D’Alene, Idaho in 2021. The day set record temperatures with a high of 108 degrees, and highs of 130 degrees coming up from the pavement on the 112 mile cycling course.

She overcame two rounds of heat exhaustion and finished the race BECAUSE she made the right decisions for both fueling and hydration. It was because of her knowledge of exercise physiology and nutrition that she was not one of the 30% who did not finish the race that day.

She has helped herself through successful races and also helped many athletes overcome cramping, symptoms associated with under-fueling, GI distress and helped them fuel for performance.

… Which of these results would you like the most?

Train Xhale

“I was still full of running even at the last hour of the race”


This is something which hasn’t really happened before, especially after having races earlier this year where I ran out of “energy” to keep going. This new fueling schedule has given me the confidence now to go and attack these races a little more. Thank you for working out the issues. – Mark Livesey Train Xhale & The Brick Session Podcast

“i hit a pr and with no gut issues”


Not having gut issues is a weird thing to go through in a race waiting for the other shoe to drop. I felt good afterwards, too and it’s an amazing feeling. Thank you for helping me work out the gut symptoms for my running and stand up paddle board races. – Christy SUP athlete and runner

Train Xhale

let me show you what’s inside the course:



,How to dial in your daily nutrition needs without spending hours in the kitchen.

Your daily nutrition needs and how to avoid energy deficits: which lead to poor performance in training and on race day

No more second guessing if you’re eating enough, what to eat, and when

Keep easy, simple snacks available for pre and post workout meals to get the most out of your training


discover simple pre, during and post race strategies so you can have energy all the way to the finish line.

Dial in pre-race, during race and post race nutrition: avoid GI distress with proper pre-race nutrition

Know what signs to look out for if hydration and/or fueling aren’t going as planned and how to “course correct”

Discover how to optimize post race nutrition if you have another race coming up shortly after


Use pre-race and during race strategies to never have a race with GI distress again.

Learn how to promote a healthy GI tract during training and feel the results in your performance

Optimize your gut health to identify what’s causing the issues so that you can get past covering up the symptoms and tackling the root of the problem


what your doctor won’t tell you about birth control and training around your hormones.

Female athletes: learn how to train based on your physiology and which phase of life you’re in

Menstruation, peri-menopause and post-menopause require different approaches. Learn how to leverage nutrition, hydration, recovery, sleep and approach your training to work with your body instead of fighting it



The secret to fueling and hydration strategies that are specific to your physiology.

Biohack and get specific with your hydration strategy and end the days of cramping

Know how much salt to take in

How to avoid flushing your electrolytes out “in the name of hydration”

Leave the days of cramping behind


The Truth about what supplementation at the wrong time actually does to your performance.  

Learn when supplements are appropriate to take and when they will delay adaptation to training.

Discover how to actually use heart rate variability and resting heart rate from your whoop, oura ring, phone or watch for tracking performance and avoiding overtraining. 


The single most essential habit to maximize your training efforts.

Learn how to recover properly for YOU based on your unique goals, training and physiology

How to improve sleep with specific habits that actually WORK

Leverage inflammation to have it work for you rather than against you. Learn how to lower it at the right times so that it doesn’t lead to illness and injury mid season

 Module 1: Develop your unique strategy for pre-race and during race strategies to put racing with GI distress, bonking, or cramping behind you.

We’re Also Covering the Basics of Nutrition – what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and how to fit this perfectly for your needs. You’ll also learn how much to eat both before, during and after your short and long training sessions.

Learn how different fuel sources affect your body and develop a strategy to start testing in training. And get started with recovery – optimizing sleep, post workout nutrition, rest and more…


Module 2: Get the exact steps to tracking and leveraging inflammation and recovery for peak performance.

Learn how to test and biohack your hydration to avoid cramping on race day and make sure you’re recovering from your training. AND we’re covering all the common supplementation questions- what to take and when (BCAA’s, Whey, Creatine, collagen, iron, multi-vitamins, fish oil,  and more…)

Discover how to use Heart Rate Variability, Resting Heart Rate, Sleep and how you feel to track inflammation, your performance and avoid overtraining.

Module 3: Optimize your gut health for performance.

The Basics of gut health – overcome GI distress, fatigue, and learn how to optimize your gut health for performance. We’re also covering practical information like which labs you can order on your own and how to troubleshoot *some* GI symptoms.

Module 4: Optimize your daily nutrition with simple steps to reduce risk of nutrient deficiencies and fatigue.

Race Day Nutrition – what to eat pre-race, how to fuel during the race and post race nutrition.

“Filling in the Gaps” – diet alone doesn’t always fill in the gaps and it’s very dependent on your genetics, lifestyle and many other factors. We’re covering what labs you can run to make sure you’re getting what you need.

Module 5: Elevate your sleep quality and learn tools to balance your nervous system to control stress from training & life

Mental Performance, Mindset and managing stress are critical aspects of optimal performance. Adding more training on top of an already stressed body leads to lower absorption of training. In this course, I’ll show you simple and easy strategies to reduce stress on the body so that you can get the most out of your training session.

Module 6: Optimize your mitochondria – critical for performance, overall health and healthy aging

Managing inflammation – being an athlete is an inflammatory endeavor. Knowing how to work with inflammation and what to do to lower it when needed is critical for high performance.

Love for your “energy Producers” – the Mitochondria. How to support your cells so that you can maintain energy throughout your day, training and on race day while also supporting your longevity in your sport.

I’ve helped weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts,
amateur athletes and pro-elite, athletes conquer
hurdles with their health, nutrition, fueling and
hydration strategy and now it’s your turn!

My 1:1 clients pay me anywhere from $500 to $30,000 to work with me in a close setting.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen so many athletes struggle with their nutrition – from fueling and hydration mishaps to energy deficiencies leading to hormone imbalances, pain during training, GI distress, micronutrient deficiencies and so many more that have caused them to fall just short of a podium spot, a PR, or caused them to miss a race or not finish due to symptoms. This often turns into several races being affected and years of races “feeling like if you got this under wraps you’d be competing at an entirely different level”.

Which means if you never get this figured out, you’ll spend race after race trying new things and getting further away from your goal.

It’s for that reason that I want to make sure this training gets out to as many people as possible so that you can go out and race symptom free.


So tell me… are you in?


join the fit and healthy elite athlete method online course today

3 monthly installments of $170: 

I’ve got a rock solid 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Fit and Healthy Elite Athlete Method Online Course is 100% risk free.

If you feel like you don’t get 10x the value from the training material, email our team ([email protected]) ANY TIME during 30 days, show us you actually did the work, and we’ll happily refund your full payment.

The best part is this:

If you think there’s a “slight chance” this course can work for you, you should enroll today.

You can try the material… and see if it’s right for you over the next 30 days. No guess work needed. Try it and see for yourself.

If it works, your fueling, hydration, nutrition strategy, health and performance will never be the same. You’ll see improvements in GI distress, cramping, bonking, you’ll know what to eat for all meals and no longer have to wonder if you’re eating enough. You’ll know how to use biomarkers to get the most out of your performance, and when to supplement and what to take. You’ll also learn how to train and eat around your menstrual cycle if you’re a menstruating athlete. If it doesn’t work, email the support team, show us you did the work and we’ll give you a prompt refund.

So, that’s why I’m happy to offer this risk-free 30 day guarantee.

It’s a no brainer…