Transform Your Mindset And Get Results WITHOUT Having To DO More…

In Just 4 Weeks

-Crack YOUR code and listen to YOUR body and mind about what you need.

-Get your body set up for success for weight loss, body composition changes, and maximize recovery.

-Breakthrough the limiting beliefs and the frustration, guilt and shame around food, health and fitness that are stressing you out and holding you back from getting RESULTS!

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Why You May Not Be Getting Results In Your Health and Fitness Journey…

This is IMPORTANT if you don’t want to continue trying everything and continue feeling stuck.

Have You experienced…


Doing all the things, and still aren’t seeing those results you’ve been looking for?


Freezing up, wanting to fight, or wanting to run and hide when you get overwhelmed by how life is asking you to show up.


Tired of feeling like you may never get there, overwhelmed by how much information is out there, and ready to give up.


You feel like you should look differently because of the work you’re putting in, and that makes you feel like nothing is ever good enough…

We are often told we need to DO more in order to get results. The problem must be in what we are DOING….


But so many people are already DOING everything.


So why are some people getting results, but you aren’t?

Bottom line, the only way to lose weight and overcome the fitness, health burnout cycle is by addressing what comes BEFORE the doing.

Harnessing the power of the subconscious mind.

Losing weight, feeling GOOD in your clothes, waking up with energy and stopping the burn out cycle can feel SO hard.

If you’re like most of our Up Level members, before they started working with us, then maybe you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, maybe even ashamed… wondering how long you’re going to stick with the next program before everything derails, right?

Many men and women think that it’s their willpower (or lack of) that gets results. You have to DO more. You must not be working out enough, or doing the right workout…

Or you must not be eating the right foods, the right amounts.

And maybe you’re DOING all of those things… eating healthy, staying hydrated, working out consistently, prioritizing sleep… but no matter how much you read and listen, nothing is working…

Or maybe you’re struggling to make the habits actually stick…

But the solution is not DOING more…


The real problem? Trying to apply the fitness plans, nutrition strategies and “how-to’s” before you align your beliefs, thoughts and habits with your goal.

You might be thinking…

I know the basics… I need to eat less and workout more. Sleep better. Drink more water. Reduce stress.

But if that’s not working… what’s next?

Another diet? Another workout program?

This ends up leading to an absolutely overwhelming and exhausting journey of doing more, trying harder, learning more…

Which maybe you’ve caught yourself thinking, “you just must not be doing enough”.

And… the results are always the same. Nothing. Ever. Changes.

So if you have done everything you’re supposed to do, then why is getting results still such a struggle?

Because It All Starts With Your Subconscious Mind.


Our habits, the way we think, why we do what we do, our actions are all guided by our mindset: our subconscious mind.

And in the mind, we can have some pretty large blind spots where limiting beliefs and stored negative emotions can lead you down negative thought spirals that derail your progress and ultimately cause you to sabotage your own results.

If you want different results then you need to address what is hiding in your blindspots.

And then… once you’ve finally done that you can experience the shift that brings about the real transformation and results you’re looking for.

Introducing UP LEVEL your mind, body, spirit.

Up Level Isn’t Another Burn Out Course, Weight Loss or Fitness Program Like All the Others You May Have Taken

It’s a transformational process that will take you…

From feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and puffy…

to feeling Confident and Empowered.

-4 Weeks of Trainings Live with Coach Tia and Dr Kirstin diving deep into giving you the TOOLS to process emotions and clear limiting beliefs that are in your blind spots.

– Get personalized support for your unique journey.

-Bonuses to help you identify gaps in your nutrition, fitness plan and even your gut health for any bloating or puffiness around your mid-section.

UP LEVEL turns everything you think you know about health, nutrition, and fitness on its head.

let us show you what’s inside the course:



Week 1

How to regulate your nervous system

When we get triggered, are holding onto negative emotions and/or are burned out, overwhelmed and stressed, it can “dysregulate our nervous system”.

Our main focus in week 1 is to help you identify where you may be using coping mechanisms like food, substances, TV or other things and give you the TOOLS to regulate your nervous system.

These are LIFE LONG tools that have a significant impact on helping you feel safe in your body AND can encourage the body to lose weight or let go of the things that are holding you back from getting results.


Week 3

Clear limiting beliefs that are lurking in your blind spots keeping you stuck…

We will help you identify limiting beliefs that are at the root of why you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again…

AND actually clear them. So that you can take on a new belief. With these new beliefs, you change the filter that your brain is using to view your world, which changes your thoughts, actions, habits… which ultimately leads to different results.


Week 2

Get to the root of overwhelm and process stuck negative emotions… 

It’s common for many people to repress emotions or not know how to process and manage their emotions. We just usually aren’t taught how to do this.

We give you tools and processes to face and handle negative emotions that helps you to face any fears you may have (like fear of failing again…) to feeling confident and knowing that you will be successful.

And these tools and processes also get you started on putting an end to the negative thought spirals, so that you can feel empowered and stick to the habits and routines you WANT to do.


Week 4

Clear a SECOND limiting belief and put it all together for integration.

We know how powerful clearing limiting beliefs is for our clients, so we are adding in an additional opportunity to clear a second limiting belief.

Between this week 4 call and week 3, you will walk away with a different mindset.

Then we also want to make sure we integrate and put it all together. With these new neurons and new wiring we want to make sure that you are taking action and expanding on the new neural patterns. Integration is critical and we give you the tools and processes to continue being successful after Up Level!

Meet Your Coaches: Dr K and Coach Tia

Hey! We are Dr K and Coach Tia and we have made it our mission to support you in reaching your goals.

Inside Up Level you’ll gain access to our 6 Step Transformation Method that we have personally developed and used with our 1:1 private coaching clients.

We are here to take you from overwhelmed, burned out and on the verge of giving up to feeling empowered and confident in your next steps.

We Have Some Special Additions We Are Sharing With You!

We know that the 4 weeks of Up Level will transform how you are approaching your life, your fitness, your health journey…

We also want you to have everything you could need to be successful and to make this journey even easier. So, we’ve added 3 extra special bonuses for you!

Bonus #1: Optimize Your Gut Health ($497 value)

If you ever feel bloated, puffy or inflamed (in your midsection or just in general), it’s very common that it can be stemming from your GI Tract. Dr K is sharing her Gut Health Masterclass to help you tune in your gut health with things to do BEFORE you even need to consider any functional labs. This masterclass shows you simple steps you can take to notice less bloating, less inflammation and more energy!

Bonus #2: Master Your Mindset At The Gym ($497 Value)

In this masterclass Coach Tia guides you through mindset tips, tricks, breakthroughs and shifts that made a huge difference for her in the gym and what works for her clients, too.

Many of our Up Level members say that the mindset shifts they made throughout this program helped them achieve PR’s within just the 4 weeks of Up Level!

Bonus #3: 10 Journal Prompts To Discover Your Limiting Beliefs ($97 value)

We make sure all of our members have clear limiting beliefs before our Week 3 and Week 4 call and we have made finding those beliefs even easier. This guide will help you bring awareness to and discover limiting beliefs that are hiding in your blindspots. The ones that are holding you back from getting results. You can also take this journal prompt to support you in finding other limiting beliefs in other areas of your life that you want to shift through as well!

We have helped hundreds of fitness enthusiasts, athletes and health go getters overcome hurdles that are holding them back from getting what they want…

And we both cracked our own code to getting the health, fitness and lives we want.

Now we are on a mission to help as many people as possible find their own solutions to get the results they want.

Up Level isn’t just a fitness or nutrition challenge with no check ins and no actual coaching…

We created Up Level so that we could coach and work with more people, make this more accessible and get our method and these results out to AS MANY people as possible because over the past few years, we’ve seen so many people struggle with their weight, body image, nutrition, health and fitness. 

And our 1:1 clients pay us anywhere from $750 per appointment to $30,000 to work with us in a close setting.

And we both know and have seen that each person’s solution is unique and individual to them because it’s YOUR beliefs and YOUR mindset.

Which means if you never get this figured out, you’ll potentially spend more time and more money trying different things to continue to struggle and not get results.

It’s for that reason that we want to make sure this training gets out to as many people as possible.


So tell me… are you in?


Join Up Level Today!

1 Payment of $1497: 

2 Installments of $800: 

“Because we are not here to waste our time with any opportunity seekers or serial course buyers, and for that reason, there is NO REFUND POLICY. We are so sure that if you USE THE PROGRAM and show up for the calls it works, period. If you are NOT SERIOUS and COMMITTED about getting results, don’t bother buying. If you want to buy to see what’s inside so you can cancel, don’t bother, this isn’t for you. This is only for serious and committed fitness enthusiasts, athletes and health go-getters.”