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The Functional Medicine Doctor, Chiropractor, NW Functional Medicine Clinic Founder, Mom, and Athlete.

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Find peace in the overwhelm of summer transitions, traveling & activities. Create SPACE instead of feeling over capacity and like you’re bleeding energy. Heal your nervous system. Retrain your mind. 

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From working with chronic illness, gut bloating, autoimmune disease and hormone imbalances to healing your past experiences, changing the negative self talk patterns and finding more joy in your day amongst the business and mundane tasks of life.

Dr.K’s Clients Real Results

“After meeting with Dr. K and running some different labs than I’ve seen before, she encouraged that I try out an anti-candida food plan for 30 days, along with some supplements. I followed this plan strictly and started seeing improvements in my energy levels, digestion and overall well being. In addition to how I was feeling, I was also able to lose a few extra pounds, much of which was likely inflammation. I had my thyroid levels checked recently and my doctor actually had to lower my dosage as my thyroid was functioning better than it had been.”