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Resources made for student athletes, to professional athletes, to lifelong active individuals, we support your unique body with your specific goals in mind.

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Created by Dr.K

The 30 Day Reset

Eliminate Toxins and Inflammatory Foods to Establish a New Baseline and Boost your Fitness Performance.
The FIt and Healthy Elite Athlete Method

The Fit and Healthy Elite Athlete Method

For The Athlete That Is Ready to Go Beyond Just Focusing on Training to Diving Deeper Into Strategies Designed Specifically For Your Health AND Performance.

fueling performance coaching

Let the days of being frustrated by your hydration and/or fueling strategies be behind you. Dial in your plan so that you’re confident it’s working with your physiology and optimized for your best performance.


Offered through my Northwest Functional Medicine Clinic

Sports Performance

Focused on treating, reversing and preventing both acute and chronic illness.

Functional Medicine

Focused on treating, reversing, and preventing both acute and chronic illness.

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clean skincare

Safer, Less Toxic Home and Beauty


Supplement recommendations by category or type (for example immune support, athletic support, hormone support etc.)