Are you currently, or have you struggled with a chronic illness or chronic symptoms?

I have too. I’M DR.K

Like many of my patients, I saw doctor after doctor and tried many different treatments. I got fed up with taking medications that either made me feel worse or didn’t fix the issue. I tried tons of different supplements and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on doctors appointments. It’s exhausting and extremely frustrating when everybody seems to have an answer, but nobody ever really makes any of the symptoms go away.

I really just wanted to…

feel better and be able to live my life without pain, GI issues, fatigue and chronic migraines.

I’ve also watched as family members and friends go through this very same, frustrating process. Eventually it becomes pretty clear that the way medicine is looking at chronic health problems just isn’t working.

When I reached this realization, I found Chiropractic and Functional Medicine. I knew I needed something that was different than conventional medicine. I knew I needed to look deeper into what I was doing with my lifestyle and nutrition that was contributing to the symptoms I was feeling. I knew I needed to find what was causing my symptoms, not just treat them on the surface.

I decided to start on a journey to fix myself

…and then learn how to make a difference in the healthcare field and in my patient’s lives.

I am now a Chiropractic and Functional Medicine physician. I look at how the body moves (or the lack of movement in some cases) and I combine that with taking a deeper look and functional approach to the body’s internal systems. Your body tells a story on the inside and outside. By utilizing both Chiropractic and Functional Medicine I have seen incredible life changing improvements with my patients.

Whether you’re looking for …
Help with chronic pain, injuries and chronic illness
looking to be able to have enough energy to cook dinner for your family in the evening
be able to walk out the door without fear you won’t get to the bathroom in time
looking to get days and weeks back without debilitating migraines or symptoms…
… you need to find someone that will help you look at how your body functions with a different perspective.

Restore function to the body by looking at the entire body as a whole and treating the cause(s), not just the superficial symptoms.

Over the years of practice I’ve created a system for how I actually help my patients:

Treat and reverse chronic illness


Prevent illness instead of managing it


Provide care and access

…to different healthcare professionals who work together to help you make changes in nutrition and lifestyle for effective and lasting improvements for your health and life

Always have a plan and access to support



Bachelor of Arts (B.A., 2011)

Psychology and Neuroscience Major, Spanish Major; University of Colorado at Boulder

Bachelor of Science (B.S., 2014)

Human Biology, University of Western States

Master of Science (M.S., 2018)

University of Western States

Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C., 2016)

University of Western States

Applied Kinesiology & Neuro Emotional Technique

Additional certifications for Chiropractic & addressing root cause


Functional Sports Medicine (2021)

Studied under Dr Ara Suppiah


Certified Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming

Trained under Dr Alex Golden and Megan Blacksmith at Becoming Zesty

work with dr.k

It is possible to restore function to the body by looking at the entire body as a whole and treating the cause(s), not just the superficial symptoms. 



Focused on treating, reversing and preventing both acute and chronic illness.


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