Today on Episode 4 of Cooking with Dr K we are making Taco Bowls! If you come to my house on a Tuesday you can almost always guess that we are going to be having tacos or a version of mexican food.

My parents LOVE tacos. Now, whenever my husband and I can’t quite figure out what to eat… we usually choose tacos. Chicken, fish shrimp, beef, pork – even vegetarian, tacos are our favorite.

Naturally when you eat a lot of tacos you usually have some ground beef or left over seasoned meat. I’m always looking to do less work, so if I have something leftover that I can easily make into a lunch the next day – I’m here for it!

Taco Flavored Shredded Beef

I also recently tried a new shredded beef recipe in the instant pot that came out SO good – so I’ve added it as a bonus to this recipe! Although I don’t show you how to make it in this episode, I highly recommend giving it a try. You can use it for enchiladas, for tacos and of course for taco salads and taco bowls.

Enjoy this next episode and the bloopers. 🙂

Get the Recipe from Episode 4 Here:

My Favorite Taco Bowl and Instant Pot Shredded Beef

Did you try this?

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