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5 Steps to Performing with Confidence and Power To Get To the Finish Line FIT AND HEALTHY Instead of Fit and Fatigued.


This isn’t your coach or your doc telling you to train more, train less, eat more, eat less…

 In this guide you’ll discover how successful amateur to professional athletes achieve high level performance while also keeping “symptoms that tank performance at bay” (hint it’s not all about training more or “eating right”):

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Train Xhale

athlete mark livesey

with Train Xhale and The Brick Session Podcast

I didn’t feel the need to panic or over eat on the run, it was as though my body knew what it was meant to be doing at that intensity.  So much so I was still full of running even at the last hour of the race.  This is something which hasn’t really happened before. 
I think this is my new strategy now and I’ll keep it simple.
This new schedule has given me the confidence now to go and attack these races.
Thanks again for working out the issues. 

Here’s a Preview of what you’ll learn



Going beyond masking or chasing symptoms and treat the root cause of GI distress, cramping, bonking, fatigue and others that are holding you back from achieving the performance you know you’re capable of.


Covering 3 high-impact factors that can give you the confidence and the power to compete at a high level.


Showing you where athletes, including professionals, place their focus in the wrong place and how you can avoid those mistakes.


The best way to uncover the best labs that lead to the right solutions for you. (and how to avoid common mistakes with oversupplementation, under-eating, and more…)


Why your nutrition, health and lifestyle outside of training strategies should be custom to you.

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