Dr.K’s High Performance


Optimize health and performance, build resiliency, and learn different treatment and coaching strategies from a functional perspective. A membership for athletes, coaches, nutritionists and practitioners. 

Learn from

Dr K

Are you an athlete, coach, nutritionist or practitioner looking to learn more about gut health, nutrition, hormones, immune system and how we can coach and guide your athletes, clients or patients?

This mastermind can be your stepping stone to diving deeper into sports nutrition and tackling symptoms and concerns with inflammation that can affect hormones, the GI tract, immune system, adrenals and performance.

in this membership you will learn:

Assessment and treatment strategies for gut health, hormone balance, RED-S, nutrient deficiencies, optimizing recovery, performance, hydration and more.

Conditions we will cover include: RED-S (relative energy deficiency), Amenorrhea in female athletes, Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO), Irritable Bowel Sydnrome (IBS), GI dysbiosis (overgrowth or undergrowth), autoimmune disease, thyroid conditions, adrenal health and the affects of stress on the human body.

We will also cover conditions associated with nutrient deficiencies and how to optimize performance by looking into recovery, hydration, macronutrients like protein/carbs/fats, sports supplementation (what to look for and what to avoid).


What’s In the Course?

Hours of instruction and educational content from Dr Kirstin Lauritzen:


High Performance LIVE trainings – monthly Zoom calls with  Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen going over the topic of the month, case studies and questions submitted by members like you



Expand your knowledge with interviews with experts in the health and sports performance world.



Access to additional trainings, videos, articles and more as they become available


We are in this together – Community Support. It may sound cheesy, but running a business, practice, being a team coach, health coach, often being an athlete or trying to accomplish an ironman, ultra marathon or other athletic endeavor/sport can be really time consuming and also at times feel very lonely. Searching for information and solutions you can trust can also be extremely time consuming.

This is a community where you can interact with and learn from people who are leading the way in sports performance, coaching, nutrition and functional treatment to restore health and balance to the human body, while also discussing challenges, solutions and celebrating successes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the monthly zoom calls be recorded?

Yep! They will always be recorded and uploaded into the private (members only) Facebook group for you to watch and re-watch whenever you’d like.

am i able to cancel my membership at any time?

You may cancel the monthly membership at any time either by contacting [email protected] or through your membership site (check emails after purchase).

 For the annual membership, payment for the year is made in full, up front.  If you would like to cancel before your annual renewal, you are welcome to do so.

how do i get access to the zoom calls and videos?

Following the purchase of your membership, you will receive an email with your invitation to the private Facebook group membership and reminder emails each month with the ZOOM link for each call.

what's in the community?

We utilize the Facebook group private platform where you will be able to post questions, comments, case types (without private details for HIPAA compliance), etc. 

Dr K monitors the community and will post with additional content, however the majority of the discussions, celebrations, case studies, questions etc. will come from each of you.

will there be new content each month?

Each month has a new topic/theme. The ZOOM calls will follow that theme and you’ll have time to post case studies and questions about that topic ahead of time.

Additional experts brought in will also follow the theme for that month.

This is a “living” mastermind which will grow and there will continually be new content, discussions and videos added.

Registration Closes February 1st 2021









I’ll see you on the inside.