Welcome to another episode of cooking with Dr K! I’m so excited to share with you today’s recipe! I’ve talked to so many patients, family members and friends who are looking for more instant pot recipes and also a chili!

It doesn’t get that cold in Oregon, but when it’s 32 degrees and the possibility of snow – I consider it cold! I always crave warm foods, beverages (like tea), and soups in the winter. So, to go along with the weather, in today’s episode I’m showing you my FAVORITE instant pot chili recipe right now!

It’s simple to make and takes a little over an hour to fully cook (that’s really good for an entire chuck roast!). What I do is I start this right when I get home. Once I’m done going through my evening/afternoon routine this is ready to go! Plus, if you prep some of the veggies over the weekend it makes putting this chili together pretty quick!

You can find the Instant Pot Chili recipe here as well as watch the 3rd Episode of the cooking show with Dr K!

(And a cameo appearance of my dogs’ fluffy ears)


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