The last week of every month we will be doing something different on the Cooking Show with Dr K. I’m interviewing professionals and practitioners in the health field to provide different perspectives and to bring more light to some of the health issues that we are facing today. This week I have a colleague and friend, Dr Stephanie Halloran DC MS on the show today.

Inflammation, toxic burden and chemicals are talked about frequently. Yet it isn’t super common to hear how exposure to certain chemicals can contribute to issues with our mental health.

She is a Chiropractic Physician and she holds her Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She currently works for the VA and is working with some of the topics hands on that we talk about in the interview today.

I’m THRILLED to have Dr Halloran here because we are talking about exposure to chemicals, toxic load/burden and their connection with mental health illnesses.

Please join us in this interview talking about one of my most favorite topics – the brain – with Dr Halloran.

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