Welcome back to another episode of the Dr K Show! I have Dr Kylie Burton on the show today and it is another PACKED with tips all about they thyroid.

Dr Kylie Burton is, like me, a Doctor of Chiropractic – but both of us went different ways from the Chiropractic profession and dove into Functional Medicine. She has an online practice – yep – completely online. She specializes in helping her patients get answers when they’ve struggled to find them anywhere else. You can find her course “Crack Your Thyroid Code” and her BRAND NEW podcast “Beyond the Diagnosis“.

Have you ever gone to your doctor and known something was wrong, but they couldn’t diagnose it? Have you taken thyroid after thyroid lab to get the same answer that nothing is wrong with your thyroid?

Every 1 in 5 women has an undiagnosed thyroid condition. That’s a lot of women with symptoms that they most likely are considering as “normal” – when they aren’t.

What are symptoms of Thyroid “concerns”:


– Cold hands/feet

– Thinning, losing hair

– Dry, cracking, peeling skin and nails

– Low (or high) metabolism… difficulty losing or gaining weight

– Chronic constipation (or slow gut motility)

On this episode of the Dr K Show, Dr Kylie Burton DC MS and I talk about:


– We discuss in detail the different causes to look into when it comes to treating Thyroid conditions

– The impact gut health can have on the thyroid

– Why stress and inflammation are key factors and need to be addressed

– She even draws it all out for you so that you can learn, too. It takes something that seems complicated and really helps to make it a bit more simple.


I really hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Thank you for so much for listening and I hope you enjoy the show!


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