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You might know someone, or be that someone, who has dealt with GI distress in the past. And if you have experienced gut symptoms on race day or in training – oh you know the ever so common “runners trot”- then you know how frustrating and also embarrassing it can be if you don’t make it to the bathroom in time… or have to spend each aid station in the bathroom. 

It’s also uncomfortable.

You know that gurgly feeling in your gut and then your heart sinks.

Sometimes it hurts, other times it just messes with your head.

“Should I continue pushing my pace?”

“Maybe I should slow down. Gosh I wish this wasn’t happening.”

“What did I mess up this time? I’ve been there and it sucks.”

But there’s a lot you can do to prevent it. Most people look towards fueling, day prior nutrition etc. but they miss some very key components when it comes to building a foundation of good gut health that sets you up for success.

Not only do you overcome GI distress AND you get really solid gut health that can also help you with your performance (like achieving that next 9-11 hour Ironman). 

If you aren’t a runner but know that gut health is something that’s important and you’re ready to learn more about where most people start that can ultimately lead to *more* issues (and how you can avoid that), check out this episode on gut health for sports performance.

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