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Have you ever struggled with sports nutrition during training or events? Or have you been
struggling with fatigue daily or have noticed that your energy just isn’t the same during workouts
as it has been in the past?

If you’re like many athletes I work with, you’re probably training 10+ hours a week and you might be taking a few supplements, trying to eat enough in your day because you know you need to, but you still are experiencing low energy in your workouts over the last 3 months, and no matter what you try you’re still not getting better.

In this episode we cover:

– How you can dial in your nutrition and fueling to leave frustrations with the “4th discipline” in the past

– What specific patterns to become aware of around fueling and nutrition, which will help you create a strategy to overcome them

– How to combine both health AND performance, especially if you have heard, or ever thought that peak performance comes at a sacrifice to your health

– And if you can’t find time to work on your nutrition or health, maybe we just need to look at this with a different perspective

If you’d like to grab the free guide I mentioned on how to build a foundation for a healthy body and peak performance, head to drkirstin.com/finishstrong.

In the guide, we cover the pillars to creating that foundation including: gut health, inflammation,
micronutrient deficiencies and more. The first step to improving is awareness and you can start that today.

Get the free guide to figure out where you specifically can get started on your journey to overcome fatigue and symptoms to feeling fit and healthy: drkirstin.com/finishstrong

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