Welcome back to another episode of the Dr K Show! I have Dr Anthony Sacramento on the show today and this is a special episode for anyone who loves gymnastics and/or is curious to learn more how your mindset can drive your success for performance.

Dr Anthony is passionate about gymnastics (as you’ll see/hear in this episode) and he is also all about using affirmations and mindset hacks to up your performance. We dive deep into some tips and places where you can start, whether you’re a gymnast or not.

Your brain and your mindset is POWERFUL.  And if there’s anything we’ve learned through out 2020, it’s important to keep a healthy and strong mind and thoughts. We talk about working towards goals, overcoming falls and failures and so much more.

But first! Dr Anthony is a Physical Therapist and a mindset coach. He is the founder of the Gold Medal Doc and the best place to start to learn more is to check out his instagram and get his free book here.

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