It’s very common for athletes to drop their athletic careers after becoming mothers. There’s basically ZERO information out there on how to be a mother and still be in sports.

This is what Pamela Relph and Sarah Newberry found out when they themselves were looking for information on how to balance being a mother and staying in sport. They also wanted to give a voice to other female athletes balancing parenthood and sports.

Although Pamela isn’t racing anymore, she gives us some insight into how her career in sports influences how she is as a mother.

And Sarah is still both coaching and going back to competing in Sailing for the USA team after her pregnancy.

These women are incredible and I know you’ll love this episode and my chat with them as much as I did.

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On Being a Mother and an athlete

by Dr Kirstin with Pam Relph Jones and Sarah Newberry | Season 2 Episode 4


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