– For female athletes/fitness enthusiasts: Is your recovery and rehab program considering your unique physiology?

On this episode of the Dr K Show, Micaela Zettel with Instil Physio is with us and she is explaining why we need to look at rehabilitation for women and female athletes a bit differently.

Micaela is the founder of her practice Instil Physio and is located in Ontario, Canada!

On this episode of the Dr K Show, Micaela and I talk about:

– Could your knee pain be coming from your pelvis and reproductive organs?

– Is the inflammation and ache/pains you experienced in your last workout due to your period starting in 3-4 days?

– Are you eating enough and supporting your body with your nutrition based on your menstrual cycle, training with your cycle, and also if you are on birth control?

These are all important questions that are often missed and not discussed between practitioners and their female clients.

And it can have a direct impact on your performance, ability to recover, and how you heal from injuries.

You can find Micaela on social media @instilphysio and go to her webpage:


It is PACKED with the best information and, I promise, you will be able to take away several helpful tips from it.

Even male coaches and practitioners that work with female athletes will get something from these interviews!

Thank you Micaela from @instilphysio for being with us – and make sure to go over and share the love and give her a follow as well!

We hope you enjoy this episode!!



PT and Rehab of Injuries for the Female Athlete with Dr Micaela Zettel

by Dr K | Season 2 Episode 2


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