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If you have ever struggled with sleep or sacrificed sleep to fit more in your day, then you know what it feels like to be slow to wake up, need a mega dose of coffee to get going, or feel the energy drain towards the end of the day. You may also feel like your energy in your training/workouts is low or it takes you FOREVER to get over soreness from workouts. Maybe it takes you a million years to fall asleep, or you wake up multiple times in the night and struggle to get back to sleep.

And wouldn’t it be nice to get really good quality sleep during the hours that you have to sleep? If you’re a fit but fatigued athlete, what’s caused you to feel run down, tired, and experiencing symptoms including aches and pains is rooted in the foundation of your health.

The way to turn it around is by focusing on the ENTIRE system.

In this episode we are going to go beyond nutrition and talk about how to become a fit and healthy athlete that thrives and experiences peak performance by focusing on 1 important piece of the puzzle, which is sleep.

I’m giving you 2 specific things you can do tonight that can help you sleep – and a few things you’re doing that you may want to STOP doing that are likely affecting your sleep quality as well.

And for those of you that travel a lot for business and/or your sport – I’ve got a few tips in here as well to help you with jet lag so that you can perform at your best even when you’re traveling.

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