Have you ever asked the question, “Should I be strength training”?

Or have you heard you need to be strength training but aren’t sure how and where to start?

In the past women have been shy and stayed away from strength training for many different reasons, which really is unfortunate as strength training has so many benefits, particularly for women!

I love Personal Trainer Mark Breedon’s approach with @trainingstrongwomen to this topic.

He works with women to put together a strength training routine that fits in with who they are, what their goals are, and of course, kindly pushing them to see that they are capable of far more than they think.

In Mark’s Badass Lifter program (www.markbreedon.com), he helps women build their confidence through strength training, realizing that the benefits go far beyond just the physical aspects.


On this episode of the Dr K Show, Mark and I talk about:

– How Mark became a fitness trainer and soon realized for himself and then for his clients how much more strength training can offer

– Why strength training is so important for women

– We also talk about how strength training can help you break free of the comparison game and how strength training can help keep you doing the things you want to do and love to do.

You can find more about Mark’s program at www.markbreedon.com

You can also find the joint project between Mark and Christi with the 8-Week Self Paced BadAss Food Freedom & Fitness Program here: https://intuitively-strong.mykajabi.com/badasscourse 

And you can find Mark on social media here!

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Strength Training with Mark Breedon

by The Dr K Show | Season 2 Episode 4


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