Welcome back to SEASON 2 of the Dr K Show!

I am just sitting on the edge of my seat I’m so excited to share some of these incredible interviews I’ve had with some absolutely amazing experts. In this season you’ll find conversations with some of my colleagues, friends and people who are doing amazing things helping others. I hope that you enjoy these interviews as much I have.

Today’s show is with Dr Carly Hudson! She is a Chiropractor in Colorado that specializes in healing movement. She also has a podcast called the Healing Ground Movement where she interviews artists, athletes and professionals on ways we can support our health and wellbeing on a much deeper level.

In this episode we talk about:

– Why movement is essential especially while we are still staying home during COVID

– How to boost your immune system and build some resiliency

– Why it’s critical that we continue to think critically about current news and what’s ultimately important for our health and wellbeing

You can find Dr Carly and her Podcast the Healing Ground Movement here!

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