Welcome back to another episode of the Dr K Show! On this episode we are asking the question, do you have a tight pelvic floor?

On a previous episode with Kelly Bryant we discussed issues with having a weak pelvic floor – the thing you hear most about when it comes to postnatal care. Usually women experience symptoms like peeing a bit if they jump or sneeze, or frequent urge or need to urinate.

It’s also common to experience constipation or bowel strains, low back pain, pain in the pelvic region, and even discomfort during intercourse for women.

Here’s the thing… a tight pelvic floor can have similar symptoms and it’s very common amongst female athletes – whether or not(!) you’ve gone through childbirth.

So today, Kelly and I are focusing on making sure you’re taking care of your health in areas that many women and even doctors seem to “brush off symptoms” as normal.

You can find the previous episode with Kelly talking about a weak pelvic floor and another perspective on pelvic floor dysfunction here on the Dr K show – and also make sure to stick around for this episode talking about ways to identify and improve a tight pelvic floor!

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Are Your symptoms from a tight pelvic floor?

by Dr Kirstin with Kelly Bryant | Season 2 Episode 3


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